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To celebrate the 130 anniversary of the brand, bvlgari jewelry replica in Rome launched a unique limited series. The theme of the series to pay tribute to Rome, not only because the most representative of the Roman BVLGARI jewelry replica brand style, but also to pay tribute to the birthplace and inspiration for the BVLGARI jewelry brand. Majestic architecture of the Eternal City has inspired Italian jewelry artisan design inspiration; now, they were quite symbolic notation reinterpreted, and the resulting 130 anniversary limited edition — which includes not only the most representative Serpenti fine jewelry, various styles of B.zero1 rings, watches accurate travel time, with precious materials and precious stones of all kinds of decorative accessories, and full of new Mediterranean fragrances.

Enjoy the ultimate timeless charm

130 anniversary, to commemorate the “snake” as the most representative symbol of the brand, BVLGARI Bulgari has created a product called the extreme charm necklace (UltimateTemptation), meaning eternal continuation of the brand.

Snake in the growing constantly evolving, but never change the original appearance. As SERPENTI this topic Replica BVLGARI jewelry, although after years of change, but it never loses its character.

With its dazzling light and mildly shape, “the ultimate charm” seems revealed the subtle relationship of women and snakes: the jewel embellishment SERPENTI collar necklace wrapped female instantaneous integration. For a time, women who hide in the body of the secret, because this necklace to pour gel, tail SERPENTI necklace to show off not only unparalleled extravagance, even if declared the treasures hidden in the body awaits inquiry sexy.

More than 60 karats of diamonds were randomly shaped patterns carved into a unique, sophisticated embedded technology to achieve the perfect balance of design and natural hand-formed, 70 diamonds arranged in sequence along the serpentine shape of the tail, eventually turned into a total weight of 12.16 karats xuanmei pendants.

Interpretation of Tales of Eternia: SERPENTI fine jewelry pendants

As the brand’s most emblematic jewelry, Bvlgari Serpenti bracelet authored three diamond pendant necklace, to re-evoke fond memories of this jewelry style.
In the main part of three necklaces, and its mildly shape inlaid 20.35 kt diamond necklace CCP, while decorated with precious stones of different colors — whether it is red tourmaline, garnet, emerald or is its strong color collision has been in Rome favorite jewelry artisans.

Three gems choice not only reflects the Bvlgari jewelry bold and creative in color choice, but also highlight the brand favored by the large volume of different gem cutting process.

The total weight of 13.86 karats geometric cut red tourmaline pendant, so as to enhance its color polish surface, transparent degree and saturation. Weighing a total of 30.97 karats of garnet cut with a water droplet shape is pear cut to make it more gentle, mellow, emitting a unique light, for the same weight of the stones are rare. The total weight of 23.75 karats of emeralds, gems left completely free using the drop-down cutting, not only retains the original shape of the stone, but it are like green water droplets, bring a little bit wonderful beauty.

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  1. I found the reviews posted before me to be helpful, yet they are not. Im not very impressed with the diamond parts on the bracelet. There is only a diamond chip on every other diamond band, and it looks more like glitter than actual diamond chips. The emerald hearts are pretty, but the fake diamond accents (which look like metal work) really make this a dull piece. I got it as a anniversary gift for my girlfriend with both her and my own birth gems, but will be sending it back. Please realize this isnt high quality. This would make a good gift for anyone under the age of 16.

  2. The ring is way too thin. When I was sliding the ring off my finger it folded in on each side and left a crack on one side. However, I was pleased with the nice and quality looking details of the ring.

  3. The stone looks black. The photos show a beautiful green emerald, but in reality people keep asking if it is onyx because it looks black. Otherwise the ring is pretty nice. Kept it because I could not find anything better elsewhere, unfortunately.

  4. These are nice earrings for everyday as well as special. They are a bit sturdier than I expected. The picture makes them look dainty and possibly fragile, but so far they have held up very well. The wire that goes through the ear holes is a bit thicker than most other earrings I have so takes a little more concentration to get them in, but that’s my only complaint. The price was right. Would definitely recommend to others.

  5. Okay, I may be picky, but these earrings are just too thin! I get the idea of delicate, sparkly things, but these don’t look so much delicate as they do insubstantial. They are pretty and sparkly, but the crystal looks like all I could afford was a thin slice. The picture also makes the crystals appear blue-ish, but mine are more of a yellow-ish tint. Not what I expected.First Replica Van Cleef