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Standing in the doorway Paris Peace Street on the 13th, I linger for a while, from the outside looking in, red-carpeted stairs seemed so sacred and elegant, from where the stairs leading to the hidden treasures of countless legendary temple, For all aspire to Cartier jewelry, at this moment, becomes infinitely close ……

Peace Street on the 13th, the name shining on that side Huadu long black marble walls, since 1899, Cartier brothers as a starting point, creating numerous masterpieces make the world wonder and legend. I came here with the general mood like a pilgrimage, to feel for these 100 years of rich heritage left.

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Peace Street on the 13th both boutiques, jewelry workshops, Cartier jewelry is also where the historical archives, which shows the significance of the brand. Shop by room count colored rubber panels along the promenade room composed Versailles parquet flooring even more elegance, Cartier brothers offices are also located here, now becomes a VIP reception. The store has the most complete Cartier jewelry replica works, from watches, jewelery, to accessories, and even perfume salon, luxurious jewelry under the bright lights shine, wearing white gloves shopping consultant courteous. In Peace Street on the 13th, guests can enjoy the privacy service, advanced customization, and even gift packaging, also used noble gold, unlike any of the Cartier jewelry boutiques worldwide.

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Supple cheetah, charming orchids, colorful fruits and Tips …… Cartier those beautiful and exquisite jewelry, surely you are interested in knowing who is out of hand. High Jewellery Workshop on Building Peace Street 13 Cartier jewelry workshop in the heart of the three, more than 90% of fine jewelry from Cartier was born here every year. Artisans who work here are equipped with more than a decade of experience …… here is simply an endless treasure!

If you want to know senior Cartier love jewelry is hand-eleven how to build out, please pay attention to our fashion version, pomegranate bloom in brilliant May, we will lead you into the Peace Street on the 13th Floor, Secret Cartier fine jewelry production process!

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  1. Purchased about a year ago. Still sparkles. I’ve recieved compliments, people have told me they think it looks believable. We aren’t jewlers, some may pick it out as a fake. Having said that, I’m a nurse I wash my hands a lot and expose the metal to countless applications of hand sanitizer. It’s still going strong. If you are on a budget and/or simply prefer a diamond alternative I would recommend this ring. It’s a keeper.

  2. My husband bought this for me for mother’s day and I love it. I gave it 4 stars because I didn’t like the chain that came with it and had to replace it with something nicer. I catch people staring at the necklace all the time because they’re not sure what it is, but once I explain it, I always get a compliment. I’ve had the necklace for 2 months and wear it everyday. So far I have not had issues with it tarnishing our changing color. It’s a beautiful, shiny silver. I highly recommend, but be prepared that you might want to buy a nicer chain to go with it.

  3. I love the two necklaces I got. It was a great price, and I got them only a few days after I ordered them. They came exactly as described by the seller. I am very happy with my purchase.

  4. Gorgeous, VERY eye-catching and sparkly. The pieces are well made, substantial and could be considered heavy by many (be especially mindful of the earrings if you can’t tolerate heavier jewelry in your ears), but I certainly don’t mind given the showy payoff. I can’t wait to wear them out and about!hermes kelly bracelet

  5. They are what I wanted, a lovely white color, have a high luster, are the larger size with two strands, which is different from the draped three strand effect. Size is uniform, as pictured. About 16 of the pearls, closer to the clasp, are lightly-blemished, as in the description. Considering the price, as it came with free heart pearl shaped earrings, I am happy with the purchase. The clasp is like a tube, with one end sliding into the other. It is different than other clasps , but holds the necklace in place, although I have to look in a mirror to put it on, then slide it around my neck. It is comfortable to wear, as it is not heavy. Five stars if all the pearls were perfect.bvlgari jewelry online