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What You Are In Love, I Understand — Cartier Jewelry’s Praise for True Love

Magpie Festival, the magpie bridge meeting, the night of prayer. Pray for your tenderness in my life, and pray that our love will shine like a galaxy. Just as Chen Yanxi and Chen Xiao, the match made in heaven,from first sight to hand in hand and companions,let’s understand each of him/her in love.


First Sight

When I first saw you, you were a beautiful and refined Shen Jiayi.You shone in the crowd, I smiled outside the crowd. Time seemed to be froze for a second, and I understood your pride.

Cartier Love Bracelet, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

A bracelet that has become an immortal legend. Cartier Love series was born in New York in 1970s, locks in unrelenting oath of love, witnesses a lot of lingering legendary love.

Cartier Wedding Ring, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Cartier wedding ring symbolizes the happiness of the two lovers’ world. It follows the brand’s classic design style and is created by its own jewelry masters.

Cartier Diamants Légers Necklace, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Diamants Légers stands for simplicity and sophistication. The diamonds carefully selected by Cartier jewelry experts are set on fine gold chains. If there is nothing, there are countless wins.


Hand in hand

When you fall in love, you are Xiao Longnv–the graceful Little Dragon Maiden who drifts dust.

You shine, I laugh with you. The sunshine is a record of our love chapter, and I read your firmness and strength.

From Solitaire 1895, who says “I love you” loudly, to Destinée, who resolutely answers “I do”, the firm motivating force given by them to us is to walk hand in hand towards our bright future.

Cartier Solitaire 1895 Engagement Diamond Ring, 950‰ Platinum, Diamonds

The classic Solitaire 1895 series is Cartier’s pioneering use of platinum for jewellery inlays. Elegant and harmonious four-jaw inlay minimizes the volume of the setting itself to highlight the brilliance of the diamond.

Cartier Destinée Engagement Diamond Ring, 950‰ Platinum, Diamonds

The Classical Cartier Destinée lines up the center diamond in a subtle, micro-inlaying process to create a more dazzling set of center diamonds. The intricate grooves on the rings hide the setting.



In the future, you will be with my surname and we will be dependent on each other.

The days are so long, you are beautiful in the years, and I am strong in affiliation. Every appearance of you is shining in my heart.

Juste un Clou, “nail” is our love story and embraces future happiness. Amulette de Cartier, which symbolizes the amulet, guards the magic of love and is accompanied by a good moment of time.

Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet, Necklace, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Juste un Clou’s maverick New York design style blends modern and bold ideas, expresses a confident and independent spirit, and demonstrates his unique self.

Amulette de Cartier Lapis Lazuli Ring, Pink Opal Necklace 18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli/Pink Opal

A precious amulet is opened with a precious gemstone, and she is fortunately surrounded by good fortune and good luck. Contrasting materials contrast with rounded smooth curves,appearing simple but elegant.