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Goddess’ Dream — Bulgari Divas’ Dream Series Jewelry

Bvlgari is inspired by women’s elegance and Roman aesthetics, and interprets the classic Divas’ Dream series of innovations. It presents an extraordinary new Bulgari Divas’ Dream series jewelry in a fresh design and new colors,praises the beauty of gemstones and pays tribute to the perfect carving of the classics. Divas’ Dream covers the fields of items as Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace,Bulgari Divas’ Dream Ring,Bulgari Divas’Dream Earrings,and Bulgari Divas’ Dream Bracelet. The new Divas’ Dream jewelry series is characterized by changeable styles, brilliant colors and noble textures. It perfectly embodies the grace and charm that today’s women desire to express themselves in different occasions.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring

The brand new multi-faceted design highlights the rhythm of the Divas’ Dream series, making every woman as dazzling as a goddess. Elegant and exquisite, avant-garde, charming and sexy, Divas’ Dream illustrates the self-confidence and carefree lifestyle of contemporary women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Bracelet

The Bulgari Divas’ Dream series is not only a symbol of the Roman spirit, but also demonstrates the eternal charm of Italian style and greets the elegant women. With its natural vitality, passionate colors, bold and innovative designs, and exquisite details, Divas’ Dream series highlights Italian beauty with its unique charm and dazzling style.

The Charm of the Goddess

In the golden age of La Dolce Vita(sweet life)–a Roman film shot in  Cinecittà, the world’s spotlights focused on the goddess–those famous actresses, under a dreamy aura, they were incomparable and  unreachable, like the heroine of a novel or movie. Bvlgari integrated the dazzling charm of the goddesses with the quintessentially elegant lifestyle into the Divas’ Dream series, which realized the dream of every contemporary woman becoming a goddess. The birth of the brand new sparkling Divas’ Dream jewelry is more like a celebration of contemporary women’s courage to demonstrate a multi-faceted self.

The exquisite and elegant lifestyle of women is revealed in gestures, such as wearing a favorite jewelry to light up the whole day. In daily life that is full of challenges and adventures, Divas’ Dream jewelry series has a fashionable fresh style with pure elegance. It encourages women to adhere to their dreams, realize their dreams, and constantly show their unique style of grace to the world.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring in fan-shape

Multi-Faceted Gesture

Every woman is unique and so is the gem. As a master of color, Bulgari awakens each woman’s heart with a variety of multi-faceted characters.

The unique shapes, angles, and colors of each gem symbolize the unique appeal of each woman. For Bulgari, every woman’s strengths, dreams, and incomparable style make them dazzling like goddesses. The eternal life of the diamonds, the purity of the sapphire, the joy of the pink tourmaline, the exquisiteness of the red tourmaline, the peace and mystery of the amethyst, the lightness and unruliness of the lapis lazuli, the warmth of the agate–the different qualities of the gem represent the multi-faceted personalities and emotions of women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring with multi-facted gems

Fan-Shaped Beauty

The Divas’ Dream series draws inspiration from the Roman Empire’s body rituals to trace the purest beauty. At that time, exquisite women will bathe in the bath as a fashionable lifestyle. The Divas’ Dream series incorporates the color of the ground marble of the Caracalla Baths and the beautiful curve of its fan-shaped mosaic, creating a pure and beautiful shape. The mosaic pattern is made of the most precious natural stone, grey granite in Egypt, yellow marble in Numidia, long-grained green marble in Evia, or green and purple porphyry in Sparta and Egypt. The vastness and innate beauty of the Mediterranean Empire casts into the immortal and magnificent architecture of the Roman Empire.

The Divas’ Dream series is also inspired by another ancient landmark, the Diocletian Baths. The peacock motif symbolizes the beauty and luxury. The gorgeous Divas’ Dream jewels once again interpret the peacock as a sacred animal, witness the eternal beauty of Rome, demonstrate the versatility of women, and highlight the essence of Italian style.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace in fan-shape

New Divas’ Dream Series

The new Divas’ Dream series jewelry with a variety of fun, abundant color, beautiful and classic stunning innovation, is a perfect interpretation of the variety of moving jewelry,and highlights the charm of Bvlgari’s unique style: vibrant color combinations, bold and unusual gems-cutting and creative unique designs.

To meet the needs of everyday fashion outfits, Divas’ Dream series features a new fan-shaped hollow design, which plays with fantasy and reality, and again presents the resplendent iconic fan shape with a perfect combination of lines, space and gemstones.

The new Divas’ Dream series is available in white gold from pendants to bracelets and earrings in the materials of white gold or pavé diamonds. Some of them have a sparkling diamond set in the center to show the glamour of the goddess. White gold fan-shaped pendants and rings with precious aquamarines are the tribute to and celebration of pure women’s beauty. The pure blue jewels fall like raindrops and give a full and vivid display of gemstones’ beauty and luxury, and Bvlgari’s elegance and femininity.

The gems on the necklace cascade like a waterfall and are beautiful and agile. The earrings of the unique peacock head design embellish the ears with great beauty, and the necklace is decorated with creative and unique delicate details in the neck. This is both implicit and passionate design, only Bulgari can make it.

This series of jewellery uses charming and dazzling pink tourmaline, red tourmaline and amethyst with pavé diamonds to reflect each other, which presents an unparalleled exquisite charm, and adds glamorous glory for women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Bracelet, Ring & Necklace

The brilliance of each fan-shaped jewel reveals the gorgeous beauty of jewellery from the saturated and vivid color to the infinitely exquisite elegance.

Each piece of Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series represents the unique presence of each goddess. Bvlgari women are always in a variety of styles. They display the charming appearance and personality of the goddess in their hearts through their favorite jewelry.

Divas’ Dream rose gold necklaces and bracelets are decorated with colorful diamonds and elegant pearl oyster. They contrast with the warm color of the agate, sparkling with elegance and rich collision.

The enthusiastic and passionate orange color blends with the delicate and elegant white color, they add a touch of Bulgari’s modern fashion to the classic fan shape.

The iconic fan-shaped design of the Divas’ Dream series, paired with the most dazzling and enchanting jewels, exquisitely gives women an endless appeal.

The new Divas’ Dream series,which combines classic elegance and exquisiteness, not only meets the needs of women on different occasions, but also embodies the vividness of Roman demeanour, enables contemporary women to be free and lively.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace