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Delicious Temptations — BVLGARI BVLGARI Ice Cream Jewellery Sends Out Delightful Taste of Dessert

The brand new BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream jewellery with attractive color and lustre, is tempting and mouth-watering. It pays tribute to the popular theme of desserts that Bvlgari created in the 1980s. They used magical precious gemstones to visualize and transform into the beautiful and delicious ice cream cones and ice cream shape brooches. The design of ice cream jewellery was inspired by the Roman Sorbets series launched in 2016. The surface of the “mouth-watering” ice cream jewellery is as bright,creamy,smooth,limpid as the cream, which evokes the pure and mesmerizing tongue feast in Roman summer. Bright gemstones resemble a colorful Italian-style sorbet, and a cool color brings people a sweet moment of  “going to the cool and being happy”.

The warm smooth and lustrous pearl oyster, the magnificent malachite and the soft and calm onyx, a variety of precious gems embellish every ice cream bracelet, brooch and ring as vivid as life. Even if it is compact, the ice cream series can also evoke the iconic spiritual temperament of Italy, and praise Italy’s attitude towards life which is sweet, enthusiastic, cheerful, passionate and happy in the present. The seductive ice cream series wittily designs a bite-off image, but this design inadvertently conveys a praise for women’s relaxed life attitude. They bravely and fearlessly dismiss the secular shackles, unscrupulous show off themselves and live up to the enviable simplicity and innocence.

With the prevalence of individualized fashion trends, brooch that is full of personality has recaptured the attention of the fashion industry, and become the new favorite of fashionistas. The brand new BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream brooch always annotates an amazing and breathtaking charm whether it is worn on a jacket lapel or embellished in a shirt pocket, or it is the elegant white color of the exquisite pearl oyster or the deep black color on the warm smooth onyx.

A refined and elegant BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream bracelet that surrounds the wrist, combines brilliant malachite with ribbon lines and pearl oyster with iridescent sheen into together, and interprets the theme of ice cream. Three styles of open rings use malachite, pearl oyster and onyx to create the brilliance in series. The slender BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream ring is delicately wrapped around the fingertips, appears so sweet and pleasant.

In the eyes of Bvlgari designers, the temptation of delicious dessert can not be resisted. The design of light “bite” on the ice cream and paving with diamonds come into being. The ice cream bar made of 18K rose gold is carefully embossed with the classic Bvlgari logo. The innovative jewelry masterpieces are funny, lively, and memorable.