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Dance with Snake: New Series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring

Bvlgari launched the new series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring, by drawing inspiration from the legendary snake series, adopting the glamorous charm and gorgeous color of the snake to achieve this exciting design. The main-body of this ring resembles a triangle-like design on the head of a snake, which is both dangerous and extremely attractive.

First Sight in Temptation

Since ancient Roman times, snakes have been synonymous with mystical and sacred legends and have been regarded as incarnations of immortality, power and charm.

When this fingertip is put on the ring, it reminds us of Adam’s moment of meeting Eve at Eden, as if he was bitten by the serpent’s teeth, as if a new life had been opened, blood was flowing, and everything was reborn. The main-body is as a triangular-like design on the head of a snake, and it also connects as a pointed “small fang” from end to end, creating an exquisite geometric sense of infinite circulation. Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring encircles you, holds you in, closes together with tender and romantic sentiments.

Charm of Color

The mixture of light and shadow, the collision of rationality and charm–the charming duality perfectly captures the snake which waits to attack. When you meet with the deep and noble color of black, you will be deeply attracted by it. However, at the moment of touching, gorgeous colors bloom and dazzle.

Splendid red chalcedony, brilliant diamonds and dazzling emeralds add radiance to each other. The unique mosaics show a full sense of volume, reflecting the unique charm and creativity from Italy.

Be Serpentine Together

The snake-like soft curves connect the precious materials with exquisite jewellery inlays, giving the Serpenti Viper ring a strong sense of flow. The overall feel is as smooth as a snake scale, exquisite and eye-catching.

Non-sticker of tradition, dazzling nature, strong personality, and unusualness – with the unique purity and vitality of Rome, carve the precious feelings of the heart, to show the Romans’ lifestyle of “Larger than life–to live a gorgeous life”. Sexy and enchanting “Dance with Snake” series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper ring, capture Bvlgari’s wild spirit from the fingertip to the smashing soul, and tug at the heartstrings straightly with a gorgeous posture.