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Precious Gemstones Interpret the Charm of Jewelry — Résonances de Cartier Jewelry Series

A gentle touch of delicate gemstones brings a breath-like rhythm that resonates with each other to reflect the brilliance. The beauty of the model makes each piece come to life, the inner pulsation is endless, and the ray of light is continuous, they compose the rhythm that is full of vitality. From one work to another, the flowing vitality is infinitely transmitted, such as lightning, trembling, and stroking, which inspires sensual enjoyment.

The new Résonances de Cartier series of high-quality jewels features a selection of precious gemstones that underscore their unique personality with a sparkling glow. Cartier specializes in the design of vibrant and lively shapes, highlighting the power and personality of gems with contrasting techniques or free lines. Through meticulous design and pattern layout, the work will show the fluctuant or fluent rhythm and beauty. Different works are also clever echoes, creating a harmonious and unified resonance. Each jewel is the foundation and source of inspiration, and it is a bold, unrestrained creation of freedom.

Résonances de Cartier Orbite Ring

Cartier has a unique aesthetic of diamond craftsmanship, rigorously selects the precious gemstones containing personality, and interprets the rhyme of jewelry with a unique cutting process. On this mirror-like masterpiece, one pair of multifaceted half-moon diamonds bloom the transparent and pure color. Red and white alternate with a fascinating rhythm, like a gentle sip.

Résonances de Cartier Orbite Ring

Résonances de Cartier Clair Obscur Ring

The rare black diamond captures the light of each angle and turns into a vibrant wave of light between the cut surfaces. Cartier jewelry master craftsman with a white diamond against this mysterious creation, black and white, stimulating the transmission of unlimited energy, giving birth to power and dynamic.

Résonances de Cartier Clair Obscur Ring

Résonances de Cartier Infinite Motion Ring

Cartier selected a pair of magnificent Fancy Intense gemstones to decorate this classic piece: a 2.18-carat pink diamond and a 2.03-carat blue diamond, echoing each other in shape and model, giving it a sense of harmony and beauty. Complementary colors, intertwined lines of styling make the beautiful diamond gestures and complex mosaics merge with each other.

Résonances de Cartier Infinite Motion Ring

Résonances de Cartier Écume Necklace / Pendant

Dazzling light, waves’ foam, spectacular waterfalls, refreshing atmosphere… Beautiful shapes make you lose your heart to her at first sight and feel at home. The overall design of the work is unfolded around the central motif and is decorated with continuous and delicate decoration. The three drop-shaped yellow cut diamonds bloom bright colors, giving the work a lively life. The jewels that are commensurate with the three drop-shaped yellow cut diamonds, contain a wonderful glow and transmit dynamic power. Yellow drop-shaped cut diamonds on either side of the central drop-shaped diamond can also be worn on the earrings.

Résonances de Cartier Écume Necklace / Pendant

Résonances de Cartier Rhythmic Necklace / Brooch

The precious gemstones are breathtaking, release vitality and pass tier upon tier like waves. This wonderful styling which can hold one’s breath in deep concentration,shows a distinct style. Artsy design brings freshness and sparkle to the beautiful diamonds. The central part can also be disassembled and worn as a brooch alone.

Résonances de Cartier Rhythmic Necklace / Brooch

Résonances de Cartier Hyperbole Necklace / Crown

A convex Colombian emerald, its weight and eye-catching colors are amazing. The sculptures are simple and neat, and under the background of diamonds, they are blooming with beautiful green light. This emerald has become the center of the rhythmic pattern, delivering and stretching strength and movement. The necklace can also be worn as a crown, highlighting the extraordinary.

Résonances de Cartier Hyperbole Necklace

Résonances de Cartier Hyperbole Crown

Résonances de Cartier Eurythmie Bracelet

On the front, a continuous pattern of paved diamonds shines between the wrists; on the back, the lapis lazuli as deep as the night sky contrasts with rose gold and diamonds. Just flip the wrists gently and this flexible and soft bracelet instantly turns from day to night, from warm colors to dark shadows.

Résonances de Cartier Eurythmie Bracelet

Résonances de Cartier Twisting Light Bracelet

Dazzling light travels between the torsion curves of this bracelet. Natural crystals and two conical diamonds that are set in an openwork, set off each other. Light shines in neat shapes and rhythmic patterns.

Résonances de Cartier Twisting Light Bracelet