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  1. We used this as my wedding band for the first 1.5 years of our marriage because we couldn’t justify the cost of a real wedding band after sinking what my fiancé did into my engagement ring.It is very small and barely has any weight. People couldn’t even tell I was wearing a wedding band when I wore it with my engagement ring because it’s so discreet and small.This year for Christmas I got my REAL wedding band – a beautiful diamond Tiffanys band – that I now wear in its place ("to replace the keychain you’ve been wearing since we got married," my husband said), but I still wear this one on my right hand for sentimental value.

  2. I was wondering if it would look as great as the picture. I was so thankful for the fast shipping as this is a spare when I send the real deal to the jewelers for 2 wks every so often. I was in awe of how real this looks. Everyone who sees had no clue it wasn’t! I wish my realnset was this same setting. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks Metal Masters 🙂

  3. So happy i ordered this ring, just got it today. I thought it might look too big or cheap, but i find that it looks just adorable. It was never my intention to make this ring pass for a real diamond; i was just hoping the CZ would fit well into the setting: it is not loose, nor is the stone bigger than the setting, nor is the silver setting bigger than the stone (i have had a bad experience with other jewelry items). I was surprised by the gorgeous setting: it’s 3-prong and at each end (bottom and top) there is a tiny bow on the underside of the prong. It really makes for a cute and unexpected detail on this $23 ring. Fits as expected, ordered size 8. I can’t wait to wear it out and I’m expecting compliments 🙂 I would certainly gift this ring to friends/family if they happen to like this kind of ring (i’m all about sharing when it comes to cute affordable things….)

  4. This is a solid, wide ring. The shine on it is forever! The ring is solid and heavy (but not to heavy to wear) it lets you know you have a good ring on your finger.I like the wide 12mm band, I think it looks real good on my finger. The price – along with the gift card I got – was too good to pass up, super affordable! But its not a cheap, crappy ring – it looks better than my original gold band! This is a good quality ring and you won’t be disappointed with it – trust me.

  5. I ordered these for my husband’s birthday in February. Of course he opened the package as soon as it came, which he never opens any mail, go figure! The sizing of the rings was perfect! My husband absolutely loves his ring. He hasn’t worn a wedding band in years, and he hasn’t taken this one off since they came. They are beautifully made, quality jewelry. Heavy at first, but now I’m used to it being on my finger. I would order from this company again! The customer service is absolutely top notch! Very polite and very quick to respond to any question/concern. I have wanted a wedding band for quite some time. I don’t like wearing my diamond ring to work, I put gloves on/off numerous times a day, among washing my hands numerous times. So far, these rings are standing up to my work environment. Very happy with my purchase!Cartier Roadster Replica

  6. Beautiful, but the cross and some of the beads have come off easily many times. Also kind of big, but I knew the size from the description, so wasn’t surprised. Wish they would make in real silver, especially for the price. Hasn’t turned black with constant wear, though I have now lost the crucifix because it fell off, and I’m a little upset about that because it is supposed to be my “little chain” for Total Consecration, and have only had for 7 months.replica bvlgari rings