Reviews of Cartier LOVE Ring in Pink Gold | Replica Cartier Jewelry,Cartier Love Bracelet,Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Classic Cartier LOVE Ring in Pink Gold

Classic Cartier LOVE Ring in Pink Gold

1. OMG, What a beautiful ring. One of my biggest concern about buying this type of cartier love jewelry is fading. And let me just say that the quality is amazing. I wore it to Hawaii and went in the ocean(I purposely left it on to test the metal) multiple times and no fading or changing of color!!!!!! I really like it, so people has mention that the size run small. It does. If you are looking at the cartier wedsite and you are looking for this ring, it’s European size. So a size 6 cartier love ring is actually a 5.75. So keep that in mind. I’m ready to order the silver and rose gold. So pretty!!!!! –By MAXIE 

Perfect. Basically the real cartier love ring

Perfect. Basically the real cartier love ring

2. I have cartier love bracelets and this cartier love ring is 100% identical. Best purchase. Came in 4 days!!! A month sooner then it said it would be. Doesn’t fade color. I wouldn’t be disappointed in this purchase. I’m already buying another! –By Pamela L. Meddaugh 

3. Beautiful pink gold cartier love ring. Looks like the real thing. Im very satisfied with this purchase. Considering buying another. However it does run small so I will be buying 2sizes bigger so that it can fit my middle finger -By lee

4.  I love love love this pink gold cartier love ring! I have small fingers like a size 6 and this size 6 fit me well. The problem is that I was in a public restroom and went to wash my hands and took it off to avoid tarnishing. I forgot to put it back on my finger and left the restroom. So it’s gone :( wish I still had it because I loved wearing it and it looked so pretty on.

UP DATE: This seller is awesome!!!! They sent me a new Cartier Love ring free of charge when I wrote them that I had taken it off in a public restroom so as not to tarnish it when washing my hands and I forgot it there and then it was gone when I went to retrieve it. So thrilled to be wearing my cartier love ring once again on my finger!!!! Thank you! – By Jen103

5. This cartier jewelry replica is a must have! I’m not going to spend 2K on the real Cartier Love ring so this will do. It actually looks like the real thing; the only way someone would know it’s a fake is if they were to hold it, since it does not have the weight that real gold would have. The design is very dainty and pretty. I’m usually a size 8, but ordered the size 9 to make sure it fit okay. It was delivered a week after purchase and it came with a cute pouch. I have been wearing this every single day. I also appreciate that it doesn’t turn my finger green! this is a must have product. Just ordered the silver one. – By Lineton 

Cartier Love Ring in Pink Gold Customers Reviews

Cartier Love Ring in Pink Gold Customers Reviews

6. Love~Love~Love the Pink Gold Love ring,It arrived sooner than expected which was lovely. Prior to my purchase, I visited a cartier jewelry store to ensure I selected the correct size for my right middle finger. Unfortunately the ring size is to small so I need to return it. Great quality and lots of compliments. I would recommend this cartier LOVE ring. -By SUSAN

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  1. I ordered this ring after my original wedding ring no longer fit due to losing weight , we were unable to size it due to the setting. Not wanting to pay thousands of dollars I took to amazon and after searching and reading what seemed like 100 different reviews I came across this ring. I received the ring today and was absolutely taken back, it sparkles like real diamonds.. its not big and gaudy looks like the real deal!

  2. My 1900 morgan dollar looks absolutly stunning in this silver bezel. The only thing im not happy about is the fact that coin isnt snug in the bezel so it can spin. So it could end up side down if u move around alot.

  3. I’ve gotten rather used to buying fashion rings that, while very fun/pretty, often turn my finger green after wearing it only once or twice. I expected the same from this ring, but I’ve worn it daily for almost two weeks, even accidentally got it wet a couple of times, and it hasn’t turned yet. It doesn’t look “real” but it doesn’t look completely cheap/flimsy either. I feel it was a great purchase and that I’ll get my money’s worth from it. It also showed up a full month before the estimated delivery time (within two weeks of ordering, and that was at the height of Christmas shipping and from halfway around the world), so that was a bonus.**UPDATE: After a month of wearing it, green finger finally happened. Still, not a bad ring for the price.

  4. My February-born child liked these and some other similar earrings that I purchased from Amazon. We also purchased some citrine earrings (not her stone) but they they matched her complexion and clothing.

  5. Very pretty with solid well polished natural looking stones. Beautifully boxed and well presented. The additional bead fell off within a few days and within weeks some of the strings started snapping releasing the tension of the bracelet around my wrist I now wear this less often for fear the remainder of the strings will snap and I will lose the stones. They do provide extra strings with the order to repair such issues but I for one do not find having to restring a beaded bracelet worth this price. My opinion, pretty but if you plan on keeping it a long time don’t wear it too much.