Nike roshe run 2014 ZOOM AIR running series based on the new treadmill training requirements designed to draw a lot of data and experience from wearing the Nike Sports Research Lab and top athletes wear tests. Instant response NIKE ZOOM AIR cushioning system from closely woven within NIKE AIR pressure unit can be stretched fibers in the runners when the foot touches the ground, the fibers begin to release tension within the air cushion to help ease the impact, followed by a rapid restitution produce instantaneous explosive shells from the ground strong rebound, helping runners with fast, cushioning pace.

cheap Nike roshe run ZOOM AIR unit can be used separately or at the heel or forefoot simultaneously applied to these two sites, depending on the thickness of the different needs of athletes. 2014 models include NIKE ZOOM AIR cushion designed to achieve and focus on the ride of NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 31, focusing on stability Berlin World Championships women's marathon champion snow and her teammate Wei Xiaojie, Wang Xueqin also invited to attend the event, the woman running enthusiasts to share their experiences as a training partner. They said, "Running is in fact not a lonely thing, loving girl running along a few friends may wish to train or join running groups, so you can motivate each other, mutual supervision, challenge each other to accomplish the goal of running jointly developed."

Nike roshe run womens To give runners provide better and more convenient service, Nike has launched a special Nike + Run Club micro-channel service account, providing running tips, training program, choose shoes guidance, running routes, running events, NIKE + FAQ aims to establish from a micro-channel on the platform of the best runners communities. Nike runners widely loved + Running app since its launch in 2006, already has over 20 million users, a total running mileage over 2.4 billion kilometers.

Where the Nike roshe run mens"Nike + Coach" function, through a collection of Nike's top athletes and coaches resource views, according to the objectives of each race runners and ability to customize the exclusive running program. Use Nike + Running app running, and now has become a must-runners. ???? Finally, the London Olympics ten thousand meters finals also to share a marathon run Shanghai recommendations Galen Rupp said:? "I ran a marathon for several years history, the best advice is not to haste makes waste, do not expect breath eat into fat, you should use a gradual approach to training,

cheap Nike roshe run which is the most important, if you suddenly get yourself too tired, you may lose the fun, feel boring, you might as well target first given a small point, and then rose again to reach a higher goal after goal. " ???? Champion Mo Farah also endorse the recommendations of Galen: "I really like this, you do not suddenly put a large target laid down, and then immediately we now expect to achieve this goal there are four weeks to train. I believe you can slowly extend their running distance, and then reach the target, so you can enjoy a good game, enjoy the training, which is very important, I really hope to see you next marathon in Shanghai. "


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